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Eat Me, Drink Me




The Deal: Shock rocker releases his first album in four years.

The Good: Well, it's better than Golden Age of the Grotesque, but I'm not sure if that's saying much. The goth lord continues down the rock path, abandoning gimmicks tried on previous efforts. The songwriting is some of the most personal that Manson's written, fueled by his divorce from Dita Von Teese and a new relationship with someone half his age. Lyrics about vampires and lost/new love dominate an album that's much more mellow than previous efforts.

The Bad: Manson scared the crap out of a lot of people with 1996's Antichrist Superstar, but he hasn't returned to that form since. I kind of missed the visually disturbing, screaming singer of old.

The Verdict: Not his best, but it's better than some of his previous efforts, and stays true to its rock roots. He may draw on the depression of divorce, but maybe dating Evan Rachel Wood has sparked new energy. It is her to whom the album is dedicated.

Interscope; Release date: June 5, 2007

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