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Earth-shattering Shopping Extravaganza

Last week's opening of a Nordstrom store in SouthPark Mall was treated by many, including the city's mainstream media, as a momentous event. Are you excited about Nordstrom's opening?

Rustee Baucom
Daycare center owner

"My best friend and I are shopaholics so we went the very first day and bought some really cool tops. We were so excited, we celebrated later with Kamikazes at Harper's. Our ex-husbands would be livid if they were still around, but no-o-o, they couldn't handle the credit card bills. Is that fair?"

Lewis "Snacky" Lipscomb
Portrait Photographer
"I was busy all last week trying to get my mother into a nursing home, and all she could talk about was wanting to go to Nortst. . .Nosdi. . . Nostradamus or whatever. Almost drove me nuts, does that give you some idea?"

Bill Scolipolous
"Yeah, sure. It's got to be the greatest event in the city's shopping history. I mean, why would you ever need to go to Paris again?"

Ernestine Joynes

"What?! Do I look like I give a rosy rat's ass about a mall? Is that all you've got to ask people about -- a store?

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