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Earle speaks out

Former mayoral candidate calls McCrory's run "deceiving"



State Rep. Beverly Earle chuckled at first.

Why was she laughing?

Because she'd just been asked what she thought about Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory running for governor.

Earle, no stranger to politics -- being that she's serving her seventh term in the state house -- faced McCrory last fall in the race to be mayor of the Queen City.

She lost, but fought hard to wrest control away from the 12-year mayor.

"The only thing I can say is it's kind of interesting that [McCrory] indicated that he decided to run when he brought a caravan to Raleigh," she says. That was in the summer, Earle recalls.

"If he decided then to run, then I think it was unfair for him to seek re-election when he had his eyes set on another job. It was deceiving to run for mayor and turn around and see what his other political options were."

Earle says that she and other people in Charlotte politics feel as though McCrory has been eyeing higher political posts, but not too many people thought he would've launched another campaign after winning re-election as mayor.

"I think, quite clearly, that it's going to be hard for him to represent the city and campaign," she says. "I don't see how he can run for governor and represent a city the size of Charlotte with the issues we have."

Earle also points out that when the NAACP held its governor's forum, McCrory didn't show up.

She says she wonders if this served as a message about the kind of leadership he would provide statewide.

"Does this mean that he's not going to represent African-Americans or low-income people? Does it send the message that he's only going to represent a certain aspect of the population?"

Though there is a chance that the next mayor of Charlotte won't be named McCrory, it appears the next mayor won't be named Earle either.

She says that she loves her job in the state house and has no plans to seek the office of Charlotte mayor again.

"I'm sure we'll have some good Democrats run," she says.

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