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E-Auction Deals of the Week


This CL feature focuses on two different items each week: one, a good deal that should still be available as the paper hits the stands on Wednesday, as well as some of the funkier offerings we've discovered in our visits.

The Weird: None other than a life-size, latex body corpse (provided your life size tends toward that of Willie Shoemaker). It's advertised as a "great prop for any movie, store display, or just as a decoration ("Hey honey, it's the day after Thanksgiving! Can we put up the 5-foot latex body corpse?"). The seller notes that "since they are made of latex, they are very bendable." Don't even want to know what that implies. (

The Wonderful: To be completely honest, this could have been listed in the "Weird" category as well. It's an Enron Corporation Code of Ethics manual, and the seller advertises it as being in perfect condition -- "never read," even. Surprise, surprise! Being the biggest flop in business history, any stuff from Enron should have at least some short-term historical value. The downside is that all of Enron's employees are currently trying to peddle their wares to make up for losing their jobs and pensions. (

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