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DVD Review: Living Colour's The Paris Concert



The Deal: Colour still vibrant after nearly three decades.

The Good: This is no nostalgic comeback look at a band that once had it. Recorded last July in Paris, Living Colour is as vibrant and powerful as when they first hit the scene in the mid-'80s. The band – vocalist Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist (since '91) Doug Wimbish and drummer Will Calhoun – is at the top of its form, funky and psychedelic. The group broke up in '95, reuniting in '01. Guitarist Reid often gets Hendrix comparisons, but he's equally at home wrenching out metal riffs on the band's biggest hit, "Cult of Personality." Snatches of Hendrix pepper cuts including "Funny Vibe," and the band's cover of "Crosstown Traffic," but Reid is equally at home with soulful cuts like "Flying" or the funked-up version of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." Glover's voice has aged well, and he's still able to broadcast with enough power to get over the brick wall of rhythm erected by Wimbish and Calhoun. There was nothing like 'em when they first started, and there still isn't. They're everything a rock band should be. "I ain't no glamour boy, I'm fierce!" Glover snarls on "Glamour Boys." Amen to that, and thank God.

The Bad: They're releasing another DVD within three days of this one, shot in '05 at a Save CBGB's benefit. That's good because you can't have too much Colour, but with the 17-song tour of its back catalogue presented here, it'll be hard to top. Couldn't the band have waited a bit?

The Verdict: Good appetite-whetter for the new record coming out next year.

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