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DVD REVIEW: Elvis Presley's Elvis on Tour



The Deal: Originally released in 1972, the musical documentary, which won the Golden Globe for Best Documentary, is the final film to star Presley before his death in 1977.

The Good: Full of mutton chops and sequined jumpsuits, the video features Elvis while on a 15-day tour in 1972 using a multi-camera view to show different angles of what was happening — on stage and off. Brief moments backstage are highlighted by interview clips discussing his stage fright and early years. Behind-the-scenes footage, including studio work, an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show and some early clips, is interspersed with the tour footage. Regardless of the visuals, it's evident that Presley's vocals were as strong as ever and his deep voice won over the crowds instantly. Entertaining that the show features one of the first performances of "Burnin' Love" — as Presley holds the lyrics in his hand while singing.

The Bad: It's almost disappointing to see Elvis perform and sing so many cover songs — "Johnny B. Goode," "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Proud Mary" among them. No bonuses or extras to be found.

The Verdict: The clothes and outfits are nearly as entertaining as the music itself. It's a great snapshot of a period of time in both Elvis' life and in music performance in general. What might seem campy (the karate kicks) these days was the highlight of his performances in its time. Then again, hysterical women screaming for a music star also looks the same then as it does today.

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