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MINORITY REPORT This dazzling adaptation of the 1956 short story by Philip K. Dick may not quite belong on the same exalted level as past Steven Spielberg classics, but it's so markedly superior to most everything else released theatrically in 2002, it instantly reduces the competition to also-ran status. Set in Washington, DC in the year 2054, the complex script by Scott Frank and Jon Cohen centers on the Pre-Crime Unit, whose law enforcement officers, guided by the visions of three "Pre-Cogs" who have the ability to see murders before they even occur, are able to arrest the killers before they've actually killed anybody. The unit head (Tom Cruise) believes it's a perfect system -- or at least until he's pegged as a murderer, destined to assassinate a man he hasn't even met. Minority Report succeeds as a sci-fi yarn, a film noir drama and an adventure romp, and in a post-9/11 environment in which polls show many Americans are willing to sacrifice some of their personal freedoms for the sake of feeling safer, it gains additional relevance by presenting a future world that shows the frightening price of this way of thinking. The extras on the two-disc DVD lean toward the technical side of making the movie; these include comprehensive looks at the stunts, special effects and sets, as well as the expected trailers and filmographies.

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THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH The distance between Minority Report and this mega-bomb roughly equals the distance between Earth and Neptune. The sad thing about this abysmal effort, set on the moon in the year 2087, isn't that it's terrible; it's that it's terrible without even being enjoyable in a bad-movie sorta way. Even the gang from the late, lamented Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have trouble finding much to riff off in this dull turkey about a nightclub owner (Eddie Murphy) who runs afoul of gangsters.

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