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Roman Holiday / Sunset Boulevard This week, Paramount Home Entertainment has seen fit to release two classic films in special edition DVDs. William Wyler's 1953 Roman Holiday showcases Audrey Hepburn in her star-making, Oscar-winning performance as a princess who falls in love with an American journalist (Gregory Peck), while Billy Wilder's legendary 1950 Sunset Boulevard finds William Holden as a hack screenwriter who gets involved with a faded silent film star (Gloria Swanson in a tour-de-force turn as Norma Desmond). Both DVDs include photo galleries, trailers and a piece on costume designer Edith Head; Holiday also features two documentaries, while Sunset includes audio commentary by critic and Wilder biographer Ed Sikov, photos and script pages from a "Morgue Prologue," and more. Roman Holiday: 1/2; Sunset Boulevard:

Also New:

Ice Age A rare non-Disney/non-DreamWorks animated smash, this prehistoric yarn features unique characters slogging through a pedestrian plotline about a group of animals helping out a human child. 1/2

Lovely & Amazing Overwhelmingly generous in spirit, this charmer about the self-doubting members of an eccentric family features a smashing turn by Emily Mortimer that might be in the running for year-end critics' citations.

Men In Black II Will Smith's easygoing swagger provides about the only lift to this hugely disappointing sequel to the 1997 smash about alien-busting government agents.

The Price of Milk This offbeat New Zealand film about a couple who undergo some unusual twists in their relationship employs that strain of cinematic whimsy known as "magical realism," the one that has wrestled countless filmmakers to the ground. This time, it works.

Scotland, PA One of Shakespeare's greatest plays becomes the latest Bard staple to be updated to modern times, but this tweaked take on Macbeth, set among conniving fast-food employees, is a labored, toothless satire whose only saving grace is Christopher Walken's sly turn as a sharp detective.

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