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Dreaming of a Beige Chrismukkah

The O.C.


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"It's Christmas time, in Hollis, Queens -- Mom's cooking chicken and collard greens." -- Traditional

Last week I was listening to the Klezmonauts' "Oy to the World" and thinking about how much I was looking forward to the Chrismukkah episode of The O.C. Not only has the show rebounded from its dismal third season by returning to its campy roots, but they've put my all-time favorite character, Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser), front and center (and you have to say "Taylor Townsend," not just "Taylor").

But I digress. As a member of a multiracial, multi-faith family (just like the Cohens ... sort of ... but not really ... ), I can't help but dig show creator Josh Schwarz's commitment to the fusion of Christmas and Hanukkah, and I hope that in future seasons, he finds a way to have the Cohens adopt a sassy teenage Muslim girl so that they can make a very special "Chrismukkahmadan" episode. After all, it can only be a positive at holiday time if everyone dips a little bit into everyone else's act.

Technically, Hanukkah is not the Jewish equivalent of Christmas. Likewise, Ramadan and Diwali fall more around Thanksgiving time. But 'tis the season and I, for one, fully enjoyed the Diwali episode of The Office back in November. And even though I grew up celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, this year my New Year's resolution is to recommit myself to blending up favorite traditions from all the big holidays until I've got just the right figgy masala for my latkes.

A month ago, I was at my folks' house for Thanksgiving, eating turkey, yams, cranberries and sou-boerag (a flaky cheese pastry that is freaking delicious). Our Armenian-American neighbors make it every year, and now it's just as much a part of Thanksgiving for me as apple pie. So anyway, this holiday season while Sea-Tac "International" Airport is pulling down Christmas trees to avoid lawsuits, and Wal-Mart is reinstituting the "Merry Christmas" greeting in order to reconnect with its base, I'm happy to report that at least on TV, everyone is getting along -- even though it's going to be kind of a rough Festivus for Michael Richards.


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