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Dream 'Make-Unders'


You ever look down at the clothes you're wearing and say, "This ain't me"?

Hey, we've all been there. So many of us toil away at our 9-to-5 gigs that we forget the dreams we used to dream -- and we forget how much those dreams influenced the way we thought, walked and dressed.

But, as they say, it's never too late. To prove this point, we tracked down a trio of Charlotte-based professionals and asked them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" In response, we received three interesting answers. And while we can't actually change the lives of the women we found, we can change the way they look (and maybe the way they look at themselves). So here goes -- CL's first ever "Make-Unders":

The Dreamgirl

Natasha Hicks works as a business help desk analyst but had aspirations of being the next Diana Ross. "People used to say I remind them of Diana Ross because of my big eyes and hair," says Hicks. "She likes fashion -- I'm thinking of her Mahogany days -- and I like fashion, too."

Credits: Clothes provided by: Cache Luxe (South Park Mall), 704-442-9909.

Dress: Silk halter dress -- $220 by Cache Luxe. Microphone: Howren Music & Sound, 4209 Park Road Shopping Center, 704-525-5073.

The Talk Show Host

Maria Lee is a highly competent office administrator, but she entertained fantasies of being America's next top talk queen. Her inspiration? "Sharon Osbourne. I love her look and her jaw line -- it looks like mine," she says.

Credits: Clothes provided by: Our Place, 4732 Sharon Road, Suite N, 704-554-7748.

Top: Mandarin long sleeve, $149, by Aoyama Itchome. Pants: Linen wide-leg pant -- $275, by Crea. Belt: Suede hornbuckle belt -- $265, by Suzi R. Oher. Earrings: $189, by Double Happiness.

The Violinist

By day Season McLane works as a computer programmer, but she's always wanted to rock crowds as a classical musician. "My job is very technical so I'm drawn by the allure of something artsy. I used to take piano lessons but stopped a long time ago," says McLane.

Credits: Tattoo shirt/dress: Eileen, 1800 Camden Road 28203, 704-372-1002. Pewter leather pants: stylist's own. Violin: Howren Music & Sound, 4209 Park Road Shopping Center, 704-525-5073.

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