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Dr. Nsenga Burton's Top Five

Assistant professor of media studies



Dr. Nsenga Burton is an assistant professor of media studies and a filmmaker at Johnson C. Smith University. She decided to teach at JCSU to be more in touch with Charlotte's booming African-American community.

1) Books: "Joplin's Ghost is by my favorite author, a black woman named Tanarive Due. I have recently finished Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book was so intense that it took me three years to finish!"

2) Music: "I love the new Lupe Fiasco album Food and Liquor, and I love the new Dixie Chicks album.

3) Movies: "Ahh, now here I could go on and on all day! I'm such a film buff; I don't know where to begin! For new movies I really liked Blood Diamond, The Departed, Thank You For Smoking, and Casino Royale. I'm a huge fan of the strong, young female protagonist so I loved Akeelah and the Bee and Little Miss Sunshine."

4) Travel: "I went to Florence, Italy this summer, and I was so enchanted by it I almost moved there! But my favorite place would have to be Berlin, Germany ... best beer, bread and sports in the world ... the perfect combo for a guy's girl."

5) Eats: "I love Thai food; I call it 'the soul food of the east.'"

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