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I am a 21-year-old, attractive straight male with an identical twin brother, also straight. I've never understood the "twin-fetish" thing, and whenever girls mentioned it, my response was confusion and disgust. Thing is, I was at a party with my brother a week ago, and this girl stated quite plainly that she had a thing for twins and wanted to do both of us at the same time. This girl is hot -- great body, fuck-me eyes, likes to take control. And so my brother and I decided that we weren't so disgusted with the idea after all.

How common is this twin-fetish thing? And where's the incest line? This girl says she wants to see my brother and me kiss, but I don't want to do that if it crosses the incest line.

A Nervous Twin

It's amazing how quickly "confusion and disgust" at a proposed position/kink/sibling-combo-platter morphs into "comprehension and desire" when someone with come-fuck-me eyes/tits, etc., does the propositioning. Bill O'Reilly wants to rub falafels on your tits? You're not interested. Milo Ventimiglia wants to rub falafels on your tits? You're in the kitchen mashing up chickpeas in your underwear.

Anyway, how common is the twin-fetish thing? Common enough for beer and chewing-gum companies to market their products exploiting your kind, and common enough to have its very own porn genre. Rest assured that you and your brother are going to receive proposals like this one so long as you insist on being attractive and identical. (With the notable exception of Viola and Sebastian, fraternal twins aren't nearly as compelling.)

As to where you should draw the "incest line," well, different people draw that line in different places. Personally, I feel there's something vaguely incestuous about being in the same time zone when one of my siblings is getting it on with someone -- hell, I'm uncomfortable being in the same time zone when one of my siblings is showering. So you'll have to look inside yourself, ANT, and then look at the outside of that smoking-hot girl again, before you can decide where to draw that line.

I am a young female currently in a relationship and I want to be honest with my boyfriend. A few years before I met my boyfriend, I met someone in my family. I guess he would be my second cousin. His mother is my father's first cousin. Anyway, we met at a family get-together and ended up having sex. Would it be dishonest not to tell my current or any future lovers this detail about my sex life?

One Shameful Secret

You're not going to make the cut for the U.S. Incest Olympic Team doing your father's cousin's son, OSS. But don't take my word for it.

"They are second cousins," says K.C. "And second cousins can marry in every state of the U.S." K.C. is one of the editors of, a Web site that aims to destigmatize cousin couples whenever and wherever they're getting their three-headed-baby freak on. At, you'll learn that your kind can have single-headed babies like everyone else -- and that first cousins can marry in 26 states, Mexico, Canada, and all of Europe. Seeing as first-cousin marriage is largely legal and second-cousin marriage is barely taboo, OSS, having a one-night stand with a second cousin isn't anything to be ashamed of.

I've been married to my husband for two years. We've been separated for a year now, as he's overseas dealing with family issues. Since we've been married, whenever I want to talk about sex, he has become very evasive. Now he tells me that since he was so sexually active before meeting me, he feels it is time for him to leave sex behind. He says he doesn't even masturbate anymore, and when I last saw him in March while visiting I noticed that his penis seems to have shrunk in size. Can a person become asexual after being so active? Can his penis atrophy from lack of use? He has (or had) a lovely, thick, eight-inch beauty. Can atrophy be reversed? Is it low testosterone?

Crazy Ol' Cock Kisser

There's only one thing I know of that can permanently shrink a man's dick, COCK, and that's a course of female hormones in advance of sex-reassignment surgery. Those 'mones will shrink a soon-to-be-ex-man's junk, destroy his sex drive, make it difficult for him to maintain erections, and cause his balls and prostate to waste away. So ... uh ... gee. It may not just be sex that your husband intends to leave behind, COCK, but his sex. Or, hey, it could be something else. But when someone's being evasive and distant -- emotionally, physically, and geographically -- it's usually something big.

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