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A new book has been released telling the story of The Double Door Inn's history. Put together by photographer Daniel Coston and writer Debby Wallace, Home of the Blues: 35 Years of the Double Door Inn walks readers through the doors of the 35-year-old music venue and offers a look at those who have made it what it is today -- the musicians, owners and employees.

Photos of the club in its beginnings along with pictures of memorabilia fill the book. Where else can you see Clapton in the green room or an early signature of Stevie Ray Vaughn or the contract for Willie Dixon's 1984 appearance?

Among the stories about performances, employees and owner Nick Karres talk about how the venue has changed and continues to change. While there's plenty of history in the book, there's more being created there nearly every night as the Inn continues to draw local and national acts.

Books can be purchased for $20.95 at bookstores including Park Road Books, Paper Skyscraper and Real Eyes Bookstore. A book signing is planned for May 12 at Real Eyes Bookstore from 6 to 8 p.m.

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