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Don't trust the folks at CL?

You better trust a bonafide psychic


Well, bonafide psychic Jane Doherty ( passed on a bevy of her own predictions for 2007:

• Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee will reconnect for a short while but only as good friends.

• Jennifer Lopez will conceive a child in 2007 and be a good mother despite her glamorous star status.

• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a "star couple" who will stay in love and survive the Hollywood marriage curse.

• Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will have another child. She will be pregnant before the end of 2007.

• Britney Spears will make a come-back in the music arena. But her antics in 2007 will continue and will cause her to lose the custody battle with Kevin for her children.

• Paris Hilton's boyfriend will dump her, but she will react by partying with a new beau.

• Technological advances will lead to the invention of a few specially designed tools that will make it easier and cheaper to search for oil.

• As a result of these new tools and methods, oil will be found in North America and the surrounding off-shore areas within a few years which will yield reserves that will rival the Middle East oil deposits. World dependence on oil from the Middle East will shift and thus change the political climate in the Middle East.

• A mineral extracted from plankton in the ocean will become an ingredient in anti-aging products that will visibly reduce wrinkles.

• A breakthrough in cancer research will be announced before the end of 2007.

• A scientific discovery will yield unexpected information that will show how we can hold back the aging process.

• There will be major earthquakes in Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China.

• Floods will be a problem in Southeast Asia and India.

• Hawaii will experience a major earthquake.

• Terrorist attacks will be attempted in London, but will be averted. Planes and trains will be a problem.

• Terrorist attacks planned by al Qaeda will be discovered before they happen. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the planned targets. Financial institutions and trains are the vulnerable areas.

• Ford Motor Company will not fade into oblivion. Recent workforce cuts will increase their profits and save the company. In a few years they will emerge from these hard times a winner.

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