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Don't Look Up...Or Left, Or Right, Or Down



The movie Don’t Look Up is a cinematic masterpiece that sheds light on some painfully true social dynamics we are facing. However, the inherent liberal bias of the storyline will prevent it from shifting culture in a truly meaningful way. 


For those of you who haven’t seen the film with Leonardo DiCaprio on Netflix, it tells the story of a clear and present existential threat in the form of a cataclysmic asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

In the movie, a nepotistic Republican president creates a campaign slogan, “Don’t look up”, in a successful attempt to keep people from recognizing an obvious astronomical truth. Meanwhile, a technology corporation who is clearly running the show, comes up with a plan to capitalize on mining the natural resources of the world-killing asteroid, instead of using a nuclear deflection option that would save humanity.

Big Tech and Big Media then continue to distract the world with celebrity trivialities and conflicting narratives until… Well, I won’t spoil the film.

Let’s talk about what I loved about the movie. I loved how it showed that we are not actually living in a democracy, but rather a mercilessly avaricious corporatocracy, hellbent on exploiting resources for profit until the bitter end. The politicians are shown to be mere puppets to the true powers that are running the show behind the scenes. There is also a chilling depiction of how if we remain divided, we will not survive the clear existential threats we are facing—like the many I discuss on the podcast with genius Daniel Schmactenberger released today. There is also some incredibly powerful, real footage of the Earth in all of Her beauty spliced in to drive home the point that our home is worth saving.

But unfortunately this film is just continuing to divide rather than unite, by placing the blame on Republicans and ‘Trumpers’ for all the problems we face. This is patently untrue. No one side can be blamed for the situation we are in. Because the issue is not whether you are correct in pointing the blame Left or Right—the problem is that you are pointing in the first place.

That which you damn, damns you back. If you damn the Left, the Left will damn you back. If you damn the Right, the Right will damn you back. And as long as we are damning each other, we’ll all be damned.

But if you look down, and do nothing… well that’s not going to work either. What will work is to transcend the ideology of separation in the first place. To ‘Look Up’ if you will, as a symbolic representation of recognizing the higher virtues and ideals of humanity. This is an understanding that we all come from the same Source, and to survive as a species we must remember this.

I know it’s hard to tuck the finger of blame back into your hand and stop pointing. It’s hard for me! There are people I want to point at and some I want to give a permanent middle finger to. But that doesn’t help a damn thing. What helps is an outstretched palm and a whisper from the heart that says, “I know you are hurting. I know you have forgotten who you are. I know that in the privacy of your heart, you are scared. I know that you think power will make you safe, but you are already safe. You are always safe. You will remember this as soon as you remember the truth of who you really are—the unborn and undying emanation of Life itself. The universe can afford to wait for you to take all the time you need to remember. But our Earth and our children cannot. It is time to wake up my brother, my sister. To rise and claim the kingdom for all humankind. I know it’s scary to leave what you know, but there is no courage without fear. I believe in you. We will do this together.”

This doesn’t mean that we can’t point our finger at bad ideas or policies. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protest in the streets for what we believe in. But the key phrase here is FOR WHAT we believe in, not AGAINST WHO we do not. And I fully understand that people are identified with their ideas, so when we damn an idea, the person who holds that idea can also feel damned. But that is why we must remind them that we are not damning them–their idea is just an idea.

It’s okay to vehemently disagree with an idea, while unconditionally loving the person who holds it.

This is the mission of United Polarity. To bring us back to a state of shared reverence for each other, while making an earnest attempt to distill the truth without bias. For those of you who want to get involved, you can follow the page @UnitedPolarity and use the hashtag where appropriate.

I love you all,



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