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Does Creative Loafing have any big events planned for your blogs?



A: Any big plans? Oh yeah. The biggest being that former Charlotte Observer columnist Mary C. Curtis will be joining The CLog (our news and culture blog) as a guest blogger for one week.

If you've read Mary's award-winning stuff at The Observer, you're undoubtedly aware she's crafted some of the smartest and most heartfelt pieces ever published by our fair town's daily newspaper. Recently she was forced to deal with a controversial layoff as that publication attempted to cut costs. But, hey, their loss is our gain.

To check out Mary's work on The CLog, visit the site ( from Nov. 17 through Nov. 21. We've giving her total "artistic freedom" to write about whatever she wants every day -- and without being constrained by The Observer's editorial edicts, you never know what she'll pound out on her keyboard. So, log on and let us know what you think.

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