Doc Martin, Arthur Bros.

When: Sat., Oct. 13 2012

DOC MARTIN Imagine going out every night and the dance floor becomes a vibrant, energetic family reunion. Hugs, laughter and kisses fill the space and all the freakin’ euphoria and serotonin released is enough to suffocate a small rodent. That was the scene last October — the last time Doc Martin was at Dharma Lounge. Martin represents the fundamentals of house music history. From the early emergence of the four-to-the-floor movement in the mid-’80s, he has been defining what we know now as house music. For more than 20 years, Martin has immersed himself in every facet of the dance-music industry — as a producing DJ, promoter, record label owner and record store man. Known for his extended live sets, Martin can seamlessly blend a multitude of dance sub-genres in one night. His crates, which are heavily influenced by cosmic disco, funk, acid and garage, are like no others’ collections, consisting of many records you have never heard of, and likely will never have the chance to own (sorry, deal with it). While bands and DJs peddle the same set around the world, Martin soars above the rest because he reads his crowd perfectly. Expect to dance. Expect to laugh. Expect to be inspired.

Brittany Gaston

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