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Known to Charlotte nightlife as "DJ Supa Skip," Jeff Clark is a professional DJ who uses his talent on the turntables to express his love for music. Supa Skip is the resident DJ at Forum nightclub but appears in other clubs along the Southeast.

Everybody knows everybody in the DJ community. Supa Skip says that all DJs need to "feed off the creativity" of one another. "No matter how big he got, no DJ made it by himself."

He says he was one of the first to hop on the MySpace bandwagon to promote his craft.

Charlotte is a "global marketplace," says Supa Skip. "When people think of whose in Charlotte, they think of me."

DJ Supa Skip will have been mixing for 10 years this July. Starting out, he was a "nervous kid who thought he knew what to play," he says. "I knew that [mixing] was the way I was going to express the music in me."

Getting caught up in the hype of the nightlife is contagious amongst DJs. "There's drugs, women, parties [and] people wanting you to do extra stuff that sucks people into the nightlife to begin with," Supa Skip says. "I try to keep the music aspect first. The other stuff is just perks."

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