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DJ Fat Mike's Top 10


Mike Raedy, aka DJ Fat Mike, is a true electro and Miami bass pusher in the Carolinas. He has been DJing for the past four years and does so frequently at Eden. With the perfect blend of South Florida sounds, Mike pushes the bass bins and the people on the dance floor to the limit well into the late night and early morning.

• "Bounce" by Hydraulix

• "Find Your Place In Hyperspace" by Ghosts in the Machine

• "Face Down (B)Ass Up" (Booty Hop Mix) by Dynamic Bass Machine

• "Ghetto Blaster" by Ghosts in the Machine

• "Obey My Master" (Urban J Remix) by Cryotron

• "Tropical Wind" by Supernaut

• "Get It Boyz" by Technician

• "Shake That Booty" by Overdose

• "Attention Whore" by BFX

• "Superbass" by Hydraulix

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