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Geoff Owen, owner of Owen's Bagel & Deli, is the past president of the Dilworth Neighborhood Association. He lives and works in Dilworth, and here's what he has to say about the Queen City's first suburb:

How would you describe Dilworth?

Dilworth is a blend of long-time residents, who helped transform it from a blighted neighborhood to one of the city's best, and new ones that move here to live in a true community.

What is the most eye-catching landmark in your neighborhood?

Latta Park.

What are the top three places to shop in your neighborhood?

Paper Skyscraper, Elder Art Gallery and The Wine Shop.

Top three places to eat?

Owen's Bagel & Deli, 300 East and Fiamma.

Top three party spots?

Dilworth Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Ed's Tavern and Comet Grill.

What is a little-known fact about Dilworth?

Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City, designed the layout of Dilworth.

Where is the first place in Dilworth you would take a newcomer?

Dilworth Criterium on May 2.

How has the recession changed your neighborhood?

Less monstrous projects proposed by developers, more houses on market at lower prices, residents are uniting with each other more through neighborhood volunteering and socializing at home.

Why should people move to Dilworth?

You can't beat living a stone's throw from downtown, with the greenway on one side and the rail line on the other.

Name one downside to living in Dilworth?

Small closets in old houses.


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