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Devlin McNeil's Top Five



As director of marketing and education at the McColl Center for Visual Art, Devlin McNeil heads up marketing efforts, community activities and an educational program that integrates contemporary arts, called "Epic."

1. Music: McNeil describes her taste as "eclectic." What tunes can we find spinning in her CD player these days? "The most recent has been the soundtrack from the movie Grindhouse. It ranges from rock to a blues-type sound."

2. Books: "I just finished reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. It's about a gentleman who's retelling his life story, which happens to integrate with the circus."

3. Hobbies: Doubling as "tension reliever and excellent source for exercise," McNeil goes mountain biking in her spare time.

4. Restaurants: "Lulu. I've been going ever since it opened and I've never had a bad meal there."

5. Fashion: "Jeans and a long-sleeve cotton shirt from Gap because I'm always cold. If there's something that I like I'll purchase it. But I've not really felt compelled to follow fashion trends."

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