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Derek James' Top Five



Derek James serves as a weather anchor/reporter for Fox Charlotte News.

1) Music: "I listen to such a big variety -- from Switchfoot and Paul Oakenfold to Billy Joel and Coldplay. I listen to Blue October and really, I'll listen to anything but country."

2) Books: "I am definitely the Internet-reading type so I check out online Web sites like The New York Post, GorillaMask.Net and the Drudge Report."

3) Movies: "I watch mostly dramas and comedies. I love my Johnny Carson DVD collection and movies like Office Space, Fargo, My Blue Heaven and Major League to get a good laugh. A few of my favorite dramas are The Shawshank Redemption, The Gladiator, Quizshow, and Run Lola Run."

4) Eats: "I like to eat out a lot so if I could, I would eat at Sullivan's every day of the week ... great steaks. But I like Red Rocks and pizza a lot too.

5) Travel: "I love L.A. because no one cares what anyone else thinks; everyone just does their own thing. I actually went out there to be on 'The Price is Right'; it was so much fun! I'm from Wisconsin though, so my all-time favorite place would have to be Green Bay."

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