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Dawn Hilton

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Dawn Hilton is the owner and sole chef of Breakfast in Bed Catering, LLC, but cooking is not her only passion. As a writer, she hopes to win a Pulitzer prize one day.

Hilton started cooking at age 8 by watching Julia Child. "She was so odd and eclectic and at the end of the show she would have these beautiful creations," she says. "I took the TV downstairs, this little black-and-white set, and copied Julia Child."

In college, she was a vegan. "But someone convinced me that vegetables had a life process too, and I wasn't doing anything not eating the animals," Hilton says. "I couldn't argue that point, so I said 'OK, you're right, so let me go have some chicken.'"

Hilton enjoys the outdoors, but that doesn't mean she won't eat well when camping: "I can make a gourmet meal on a tripod with some wood and a couple of sticks."

As for her writing, her jazz play, A Month of Sundays, goes on an eight-city tour next year, and she is currently looking for a publisher for her cookbook, inspirational book, poetry collection and novels.

Although cooking is therapeutic, writing is the favorite of her activities. "Writing is just what I know I am suppose to do. I do it so easily, and it is effortless and it feels so right to do, and it always has. I always have a lot to say verbally, but I say it nearly as good as I do on paper."

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