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David Gonzalez

Head brewer at Rock Bottom Brewery



As the head brewer at Rock Bottom Brewery, David Gonzalez is in charge of all things beer -- from ordering ingredients and dealing with mechanical issues, to hosting tours and "beer schools" for students and staff members.

His career is a 24/7 job. "My life revolves around the life of beer," says Gonzalez. He is the on-call "beer doctor" and even recalls a time when he had to return from vacation early due to a beer malfunction and tend to his "temperamental patient."

He takes pride in creating some of his own recipes such as his seasonal spiced pumpkin ale made with real pumpkin.

After about a year of teaching social studies on Long Island, N.Y., Gonzalez became a beer distributor. He was sitting in Starbucks one day when the head brewer from his company noticed his beer sweatshirt. They got to talking about beer and the brewer got Gonzalez so excited that he ended up at the Seibel Institute, a rigorous brewery school. After taking an intensive two-week course, he moved to Maine to work at his friend's brewery and fell in love with all things brewsky!

"Beer is my life!" says Gonzalez. "It's my hobby and my career. I am always hitting different breweries while on vacation, trying to learn as much as I can about what I love."

Gonzalez also enjoys watching hockey and catching his son's soccer games.

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