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David Edgar's Top Five



David Edgar is an associate professor of art at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former metal sculptor, Edgar began making art with recycled plastic bottles when he moved to Charlotte and has become nationally known for his Creatures from the Plastiquarium.

1) Travel: "As a sculptor, I am particularly interested in places with ancient ruins and evidence of previous civilizations."

2) Music: "My coming-of-age was during the heyday of Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin. Current pop-rock artists like the Rentals and the Derailers are very refreshing change-ups."

3) Visual Art and Inspiration: "I think for art to be authentically successful, it needs to be intellectually accessible to everyone, not just the trained artistic elite. Artists that work in the tradition of found object assembly, like Joseph Cornell, are a big influence as well as pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein."

4) Food: "I enjoy what is not necessarily good for my health, like barbecue [and] grilled red meats. Our grill never gets a week off, even in the darkest of winter."

5) Movies: "The movie Grand Canyon inspires me every time I see it. While it provides great insight into many aspects of our convoluted urban society, it also sends a hopeful message that anyone can make a much bigger difference in the grand scheme of things if we are just willing to reach out to others."

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