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Dave Stanley Out As WBTV Anchor


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WBTV's 10pm anchor, Dave Stanley, is no longer working for the station. No one is saying much on the record, as is usually the case with these things, but we have information from multiple, very reliable sources that it's so. WBTV general manager Mary McMillan confirmed that Stanley is no longer an employee, and would not discuss details because it is a "personnel matter," but did say, "we wish him all the best." His picture and bio has been removed from the station's website.

Our sources tell us that this wasn't a matter of an expired contract, and that Stanley was let go abruptly.

Note that the following is unconfirmed, but a widespread, and apparently widely believed rumor at the station has it that Stanley had sent an "angry and abusive" e-mail to an on-air female staffer.

This personnel move leaves WBTV thinner in the male anchor ranks, with only Paul Cameron and John Carter in main anchor roles.


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