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Daron Vincent's Top Five

Owner of RealEyes Bookstore


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Daron "Jaz" Vincent
  • Daron "Jaz" Vincent

Most people know him as Jaz, but two-and-a-half years ago, Daron Vincent and his partner Diane Popieski started what would be his personal ode to the world. RealEyes Bookstore in NoDa tells a city to open their eyes and appreciate this element of freedom.

1) Music: "I come from a generation of loving rap. But after I started maturing, I felt like a student trying to get away from that aggressive mentality. I listen to old school R&B, jazz and some classical."

2) Books: "Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson was like the second book I ever read. It helps you change and adjust to life."

3) Fashion: "Every once in a while, I dress up, but I usually come in with a T-shirt and my jeans on. I think it's conflicting, me walking in the room -- this bald-headed man with tattoos. But to me, it speaks to what I stand for. I like to be comfortable when I talk to people."

4) Restaurant: "I'm a Chili's, Applebee's kinda guy."

5) Hobby: "I like putting on events. Right now I'm focusing on my literary festival. It's fun to me because that's where my creativity lies. I want to create an arena where literature is still alive."


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