Visual Arts

Dante and the Delta

When: June 1-Aug. 17 2012

DOMA Gallery's Dante and the Delta captures forgotten people, places and things. Comprised of snapshots by award-winning photogs Mike Smith and Magdalena Sole, the exhibit consists of images from the former coal mining town of Dante, Virginia, and areas around the Mississippi Delta. What would otherwise be insignificant pool halls, sheds, front porches and abandoned structures are brought to life through people in the photographs. For example, take a look at the photo here of a kid walking past dilapidated, but colorful building. The image ("Fourth Street and Issaquena Avenue, Clarksdale," shot by Magdalena Sole) is from the book, New Delta Rising, which highlights everyday people — rather than famous historical bluesmen — who live their lives in southern Mississippi.

Anita Overcash