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DANCE: Belly Oasis Mid-East Dance Concert at CPCC's Pease Auditorium

Sunday, July 26



When some of us see belly dancing, thoughts tend to run through our heads like "how the hell can a person's hips do that?" or "I wish I could do that." We are inevitably sadly disappointed later when our failed attempts in the mirror at home leave us looking more like malfunctioning robots than fluid goddesses. You know what I'm talking about -- but perhaps, with the right instruction, anyone can learn to belly dance. If so, then Yasmine's Studio is certainly the place to do it. The Belly Oasis Mid-East Dance Concert will feature various dance ensembles from the studio, as well as the professional and well respected Mid-East Dance troupe, Magic Hips. More than just that incredible hip movement, belly dancing is a rich dance style that is as full of energy as it is fun to watch. And who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to find some hidden hip magic you never even knew you had. Adults, $12 in advance and $15 after July 24; Students, CPCC staff and seniors, $10 in advance and $15 after July 24; Children 12 years old and under, $3 in advance and $5 after July 24. 5 p.m. CPCC's Pease Auditorium. 704-330-6534 or 704-372-1000.


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