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When: Fri., Dec. 14, 6-11 p.m. 2012

Not all of us are keen on the Mayan prophecies that predict the world's end in a few weeks. Yet, before we go hatin' on another culture for its catastrophic side (besides, wethinks something got lost in translation), why not take a closer look at its art and glyphs? CV, a new exhibit at Studio 1212, features Mayan-inspired art by Charlotte DJ and visual artist Julio Gonzalez (better known as Julio the Mexican). To distinguish his new creative outlet from his other endeavors, he is going by the name of Gonza. "With this show, I'd like to shed some light on different aspects of Mayan art and their beliefs," Gonza says, "while also exploring how those concepts and designs would visually evolve, had their culture survived into this modern time."

Anita Overcash

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