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Curt Korol's Top Five

General manager of Sterling's



Curt Korol is the general manager of the new Sterling's Restaurant in Weddington.

1) Movies: "The Godfather, Scarface, and The Great Escape ... no explanation needed."

2) Music: "I listen to everything. I just went to the Chili Peppers concert which was awesome, and I loved that they played some of their old stuff. I'm also a huge Stones fan."

3) Books: "I'll read pretty much anything non-fiction, especially mob biographies."

4) Eats: "I'm definitely a carnivore, so of course I love Ruth's Chris, but Sterling's Restaurant has to be my favorite! I [also] like to go out for a drink and some good bar food from time to time; Moosehead had the best bar food in town."

5) Travel: "Since I'm originally from New York, New York City is of course one of my favorite places. But I've recently discovered Charleston -- what a great town. I love the blend of new and old architecture, and you cant go wrong with beautiful women, beautiful buildings and beautiful food."

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