Crosby, Stills and Nash

When: Sun., May 19 2013

CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH The aging ‘60s icons have recently found their waning stars on the ascendant again, thanks in part to getting name-checked by trendy multi-part harmony bands like Fleet Foxes. CS&N were considered one of the first ‘supergroups’ because all three members had been in well-known bands prior to forming in ’68 — David Crosby was booted from the Byrds, Stephen Stills had played in Buffalo Springfield (whose Neil Young would rescue CS&N from complete treacle) and Graham Nash had ditched the Hollies. Their first tour after their self-titled debut included Woodstock, and their three-part harmonies and (mostly) acoustic guitars heralded the baked-hippie turn that reached its apotheosis in the Topanga Canyon scene. The trio also became mouthpieces for the groovy flower-power cultural revolution — the one that gutted the actual political revolution embodied by the SDS and Black Panthers et al. and narcoticized American youth in a haze of tie-dye, dope-smoke and songs about Judy Collins. The trio recently latched onto the Occupy movement and are co-sponsoring the “StampStampede,” with which you can declare your unhappiness about money in politics by defacing dollar bills with “slightly subversive” but “100 percent legal” messages like “Not To Be Used For Bribing Politicians” and the like. With a revolutionary vanguard like that, you can bet those K Street lobbyists are just quivering through the halls of Congress — quite possibly cranking Déjà Vu on their iPods. Way to go, dudes.

John Schacht

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