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Cress Barnes

Charlotte Roller girl



Cress Barnes is a Charlotte Roller Girl and the Interleague Rep for the all-female roller derby team. She and her husband Blake own The Common Market in Plaza-Midwood. As a preschool teacher and mother of three boys, it's probably a good thing she comes with wheels.

Roller Derby looks really violent, but describing the rules, Barnes insists, "It actually really is a sport. It's not just, you know, girls beating each other up."

Her nickname on the team is "Boy Bully Barnes." "It was kind of given to me by the team because I knock down our male refs all the time," she says. "It's like, I would see them skating, and I would just skate up and knock 'em down. So they're like 'you're a boy bully!' and it just stuck. I figure it's fitting because I'm the only girl at my house."

When it comes to music, Banres goes for the classics. "I am a true '80s geek -- new wave '80s ... I guess it's old wave now, you know."

As for The Common Market, she says, "The neighborhood has really embraced the store ... we've really been lucky I think ... because we wanted this to be a place where people could bring their kids, and it's cool. It's like the store I used to go to when I was a kid -- with all the candy and toys everywhere."

On being a mom, Barnes says, "It's awesome. They keep me very, very busy, and I can see why my mother was always like 'I'm going to kill you!' I have three boys -- they are so funny, I laugh all the time." She definitely recommends it. "Moms rock -- you can drive a mini van and still be cool."

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