Cordova Music Exchange f. The Loudermilks, Toleman Randall, Leadville Social Club, Mud Tea, Alarm Clock Conspiracy, The Brown Liquor Pickers

When: Thu., June 27 2013

THE LOUDERMILKS Rather than preaching to the converted, let’s make this an open letter to those other music fans, specifically the young’uns, unfamiliar with the Loudermilks. Look, kids, we know life’s all dancy-pants and the-world-is-my-glo-stick right now, but life will put the boot in soon enough. It may be a shitty job or a disloyal mate or an un-rightable injustice, or even some weird illness you contract they’ll wind up naming after you. Some of you may already be feeling the fickle hand of Fate on your shoulder getting ready to cold-cock you into the real world. For that inevitability, you’re going to want a soundtrack from artists who’ve been through these wringers and emerged on the other side with tales put to song. A sure sign of your readiness will be when you find yourself drawn to acts of yesteryear who’ve survived without the benefit of “going viral,” based solely on their songwriting and storytelling chops — say, the Louvin Brothers (wherefrom the Loudermilks’ name derives) or Big Star. When that happens, you’ll be primed for the songs of Alan and Chad Edwards, locals who’ve upheld the fine tradition of conquering life’s bullshit by taming it in songs that resonate down the years and compare favorably with those legends. So come and listen with an open mind to one of the region’s finest bands, and in the process stay just that far ahead of life’s cruel curve.

John Schacht

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