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Cooking Like a Celeb – Here’s What You Need



Celebs use all kinds of fancy ingredients when cooking their meals – that is, those that do cook on their own. Given the discrepancy between the ones that always eat at restaurants and those that cook their own meals, it goes without saying that the home chefs are eating more healthily.

As such, even if they might use some exotic ingredients, we know for sure that they use them for a reason. If they did so just for the sake of bragging with their purchasing power, then they’d probably buy a meal with that ingredient from a top-rated restaurant instead.

But let’s cut the chatter and move on to the ingredients that you need in your kitchen to be able to cook just like a celeb!

Red Onion

One of the main ingredients Chrissy Teigen uses in her salads is red onion. Quite a simple ingredient, right? Well, the truth is not many people use it in their kitchen – when they should!

The veggie is packed with nutrients, improves heart health conditions, has plenty of antioxidants, controls blood sugar, and aids one’s digestive health as well. You can’t go wrong with red onion.


Believe it or not, CBD is a good ingredient when it comes to cooking. In fact, baking with CBD might soon become more than just an isolated trend on social media. On top of that, baked CBD doesn’t bake you and doesn’t lose any of its highly acclaimed properties.

It boosts mood and morale, calms the body and the mind, and also prevents anxiety and stress build-up.

Nori Sheets

Even if you might not have heard of it, Nori is known as a superfood among the celebs – and for good reason! The sheer number of vitamins it comes with is out of this world. So, it contains copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and a lot more!

What’s the best thing about it? It packs up to ten times more calcium than regular milk!


Despite its basic appearance, watercress is considered yet another superfood in the world of people that research new ingredients all day long. This one, however, is able to lower your cholesterol if consumed in moderation. Naturally, we don’t even have to mention the vitamins and nutrients – it contains almost all the important ones!

Watercress packs minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium mainly.


This is the most interesting entry on our list. Bulgur is often seen as an Eastern European ingredient and isn’t usually found in the big stores. However, celebs like Jennifer Anniston use it in every salad they make. Why?

Because it is very high in fiber, making it ideal for people that want to maintain their weight. On top of that, a diet rich in whole grains decreases the chances of type 2 diabetes.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we must not be afraid of exotic, new ingredients. On top of that, we shouldn’t favor cheaper ingredients due to how much of them we can buy. By this, we mean that one should allow themselves to buy more expensive ingredients, even if they get less of them, mainly due to their health benefits.

Still – the ingredients mentioned above do not actually cost a fortune. Everyone can cook and be healthy like a celeb!


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