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Constance Lov Johnson for the US Senate for NC


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We need an intellectual leader that has found resolutions and put them in place to aid the state and nation. Johnson saw the pandemic blocking the students and teachers from the schools and created the first online K-12 school. The governors would not pay her for her work because they refused to give accolades to a Black woman entrepreneur, not employed with the government, but the program they stole from her worked to keep students studying and teachers engaged throughout the period of the most deadliest virus. Constance Lov Johnson is an innovator and Public Administration scholar that can look at a problem and apply creative entrepreneurial projects to bring peace to the people suffering and living without what they need.  Johnson will be the first Black woman to serve as United States Senator  in North Carolina. It's time to bring honesty and justice back.

Johnson has a Bachelor's degree in Education and Psychology, is a Chaplain from the Lutheran School of Theology, has a Master's degree in Education and Counseling, and is a Public Administrator that has completed doctoral coursework at Northcentral University. Public Administration is the study of Government and Business Management specializing in Administrative Law. She published CityPolitical Magazine in Charlotte, NC for twenty years, working with Congressional Leaders from the Democratic and Republican parties, and organized events with both liberal and conservative organizations. She has sponsored  and assisted with events with speakers such as Jesse Jackson, Newt Gingrich, and most of the elected officials of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC are familiar with the impactful events of Johnson. She knows what the state needs and creates bills and partner the leaders that can quickly resolve problems. She is direct, solution oriented, and her work is sought after by high officials. Take some time today to view Johnson's website, get to know this problem solver, innovator, and politically astute leader. We need her in the US Senate. She does more than read the law to incriminate (Beasley), write bills that are not supported (Jackson), and respond to bills having not researched to respond inappropriately (Smith). She is a keenly aware scholar of politics that will keep you engaged in all sides of the federal government, what's happening around the nation and world, and put North Carolina in highly ranked positions. Her bills submitted to both the state and congress were acknowledged and became law. Johnson is always open to hearing from you, responding to your questions, and available for speeches.  www.constancelovjohnson.com 704-371-9471