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Breaking their all-time tie with Actor's Theatre in taking their sixth title, Children's Theatre of Charlotte won on the strength of their quality and consistency. Big family productions, Scrooge! and Treasure Island, came off with their customary technical polish, succumbing to slickness only in an overly abbreviated Disney's Aladdin. The real advances showed most vividly when the company tackled those little kiddie books that have been turned into upsized musicals – often with bloated, vapid results in the past. Goodnight Moon and Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel were instead darling little gems, and the teen troupe's two ventures, As You Like It and Animal Farm sustained their traditional precocity. All this was done with artistic director Alan Poindexter keeping a relatively low profile, not contending for Theaterperson of the Year for the first time in a long, long while. The organization he has built is that deep and strong.

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