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ComMercialism de los Muertos


The marketplace has exhibited a dubious effect on holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. So we got to thinking, what might Charlotte see if Día de los Muertos goes mainstream?

Day of the Dead sales at Dillards.

Skeletons used to hawk plastic surgery: You can never be too thin.

Strings of skeleton lights on bushes and homes in the suburbs.

"Six-feet-deep discounts!" at funeral homes.

A slew of new films from Tim "Nightmare Before Christmas" Burton and George "Night of the Living Dead" Romero

Candy makers produce Día de los Muertos packaging for seasonal sales at Eckerds and grocery stores: the Snickers of Death!

Skull designs on biscuits at Bojangle's during Día de los Muertos season.

Skelly Claus, joined a few years later by Rudolfo the Roja-nosed Burro

Taco Bell's new "Killer Burrito"

Numerous companies advertising "we're dying for your business!"

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