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Comic reviews: Witch Doctor, Planet of the Apes, more



Witch Doctor No. 1

Published by Image Comics. Written by Brandon Seifert. Art by Lukas Ketner.

Dear comic book geeks, I'm back with a gaggle of looks at last week's best and worst comics. Check me out:

Witch Doctor No. 1: OK, mark my words, this brand-new Image comic is destined to become the next indie hit. It's an entertaining mix of humor, horror, gore and supernatural goodness. And, on top of all that, it features great art and a great script. Expect this book to quickly join the ranks of breakout titles like Chew, iZombie and ... yes, I dare to say it ... The Walking Dead. (Well, it is produced by writer Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint.)

Planet of the Apes No. 3: I never expected to actually like a comic book based on the Planet of the Apes movie franchise, but it's actually pretty good. The story, which ties into the original film's continuity, moves along at a fairly relaxed pace, but the characterizations are strong. The highly detailed art, by Daryl Gregory, is strong as well; it kind of reminds me of Phil Jimenez ... but flavored with hints of Travis Charest.

Batman Incorporated No. 7: I haven't picked up an issue of this title in a hot minute, but writer Grant Morrison never lets me down. This issue, he's crafted a cool and heartfelt done-in-one story that plays with ideas regarding family and legacy. There are also tons of scenes featuring punching, stabbing — and a guy even kicks a dog in the head repeatedly. Plus: Batman rides a horse. Come on. You've got to buy this one.

Justice Society of America No. 52: Just when I was getting into this comic again (after, like, a year off), I discover that DC will be "retiring" the JSA when it relaunches all of its titles in September. (Surely, you've heard by now.) That's too bad; the last seven or so issues have been some of the best since writer Geoff Johns exited the book way back in the day. Oh, well. Buy it while you still can.

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