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Comic review: X-Men Legacy No. 251



As superhero comics take over the multiplex this summer, over in comic book land, there's a ton of spandex-laden publications on the stands. Here are some quick takes on a few I recently picked up:

X-Men Legacy No. 251: Now here's a title that, depending on the story arc, is incredibly hit-or-miss. And that's because, from adventure to adventure, the entire cast of the book switches out. So, if you're digging a character for a second, writer Mike Carey whisks them away to limbo and replaces them with someone who just might be totally uninteresting. All that said, the current direction and lineup of Legacy is super-cool. Plus, upcoming tales promise to wrap up some plot lines that have been dangling for years.

Kirby: Genesis No. 1: This comic — which was designed to unearth and revitalize dozens of legendary artist Jack Kirby's creator-owned characters — could have been a confusing mess. But thanks to some clear writing from Kurt Busiek and some attractive art by Alex Ross and Jack Herbert, Kirby: Genesis was a breezy read that got the ball rolling on what seems to be an epic story. I'm planning to pick up No. 2 for sure.

Teen Titans No. 96: I only bought this comic because it promised to be an issue showcasing the fighting abilities of the hero Beast Boy. And, yes, I acknowledge that's a super-geeky move on my part. Sue me. The issue delivered on its promise of BB action and turned out to be one fun and exciting tale. Still, with the big changes coming to DC Comics (surely you've heard) in September, I'm not sure why I care about the company at all right now. Oh well, I got my geek on. That's all that matters.

Avengers No. 14: Marvel Comics' summer blockbuster event, Fear Itself, is turning out to be a pretty disappointing comic. Still, this Avengers-related tie-in is entertaining ... if only because one of my least favorite characters appears to get slaughtered at the hands of a big-bad guy. I hope and pray this particular Marvel "hero" is d-e-a-d. Is that cruel? Keep in mind, I'm wishing death on a fictional person.

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