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Comic review: The Guild No. 1



The Guild No. 1

Published by Dark Horse Comics. Written by Felicia Day. Art by Jim Rugg.

The Deal: Dark Horse Comics unveils its comic book adaptation (of sorts) of the popular live-action Internet TV show The Guild.

The Good: I picked up a copy of The Guild last week, even though I wasn't familiar with the book's source material. To be fair to myself, however, the show is a comedy about gamers and gaming culture, and I pretty much detest games ... so I'm not exactly the target audience. Still, I read the first issue and, surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It's funny -- packed with hilarious dialogue by the show's creator/star Felicia Day -- but peppered with a real sense of humanity; Day's character, Codex, is a perfect everywoman (sort of like a female Peter Parker ... minus the super human powers) who just happens to be surrounded by a bizarre group of like-minded colleagues. Artist Jim Rugg adeptly switches styles to convey life in the real and the virtual world, accurately capturing some of the show's conventions (like the Web cam confessional) while showing things we've never seen on the program (like how their gaming characters look). I like the comic so much, I watched the first two seasons of The Guild on YouTube in one sitting. No, I don't have a life.

The Bad: I don't have anything to complain about this week.

The Verdict: Oh, go ahead and buy it.

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