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Comic review: Superman: War of the Supermen No. 3



Superman: War of the Supermen No. 3

Published by DC Comics. Written by James Robinson and Sterling Gates. Pencils by Cafu. Inks by Bit.

The Deal: It's part three of DC's four-issue series War of the Supermen, which pits the newly returned inhabitants of New Krypton against the people of earth. It's complicated.

The Good: The art shows a few flashes of promise. The book's main artist, Cafu, is fairly talented, but will undoubtedly get better over the next few years.

The Bad: This issue -- hell, this entire series -- serves as sort of an endcap to a year (or more) of dreadful Superman stories. The whole "New Krypton" story line started out with a lot of promise. I mean, you had 100,000 new Kryptonians and a whole new planet to play with. But writers James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates quickly snuffed out all the awe or wonder that could have manifested from these tales and instead injected them with heaping helpings of death and dread. The best Superman stories are ones that make you say "Wow" ... not "Damn." And honestly, if you are going to present a purely action-oriented story with thousands of guys as powerful as Superman tearing up the planet, you'd think they'd do way more damage.

The Verdict: DC screwed up royally once again. But there is a silver lining: Writer J. Michael Straczynski is slated to take over Superman soon, and based on his previous output, I think we can expect some classic adventures about the "Man of Tomorrow." We'll see.

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