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Comic review: Siege No. 2



Siege No. 2

Published by Marvel Comics. Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Pencils by Olivier Coipel. Inks by Mark Morales.

The Deal: Marvel unveils the second issue of its latest blockbuster limited series, featuring a whole bunch of Avengers, Asgardians, and big-time super villains.

The Good: I don't care what anybody says ... hate on Bendis all you want (he is widely criticized for his dialogue-heavy style), but this is a great comic book. It's a great Avengers story. As a matter of fact, years from now, folks will look at this as a classic Avengers story. It's tight -- no decompression here -- fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with a lot of ultra-cool moments. Most writers don't get a chance to put a cap on such a long-form story, but you've got to give it up to Bendis and Marvel for hanging in long enough to wrap things up. Oh, and the art, by Coipel, is incredible -- widescreen, cinematic, imaginative and just damned pretty.

The Bad: It's bad that some folks will choose to stay away from this book because Bendis is writing it, but this is the most non-Bendis Bendis comic I've ever read. Unlike the other event comics he's written -- House of M and Secret Invasion -- this book replaces the writer's standard talking heads with decapitated heads.

The Verdict: Here's my last word on the book: If you only have $4 to spend on comics this week, buy Siege No. 2. There, I said it.

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