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Comic Review: Orc Stain No. 1



Orc Stain No. 1

Published by Image Comics. Written and illustrated by James Stokoe.

The Deal: It's the first issue of writer/artist James Stokoe's new fantasy series about a cunning orc (you know, those creatures from sword-and-sorcery-type works of fiction?) who's better at stealing than fighting, trying to survive in a violent, blood-stained world. I think.

The Good: This comic works from the first page, which quickly dives right into the action (à la the first Lord of the Rings film). The lead character is interesting and morally complex, and the world Stokoe has built for the series is rich and expansive. On top of that, the art -- although highly stylized -- is amazing; detailed and cinematic ... kind of like Geoff Darrow mixed with Ariel Schrag.

The Bad: So far, it's all good. The art may not be everyone's thing, but you can't deny Stokoe's skill with a pen. He's good and that's evident. Oh, and I guess another bad thing may be if comic fans don't give this book a chance.

The Verdict: Reach into your pocket, grab your cash and shell out the scrillah for this one. I've been raving about Image Comics lately ... and here's yet another reason to rave.

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