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Comic review: Knight and Squire No. 1



The Deal: Writer Paul Cornell, an English scribe who gained recent fame writing the great (and, since it got canceled, late) Captain Britain and MI13 series for Marvel, pens the solo adventures of Knight and Squire — the "British Batman and Robin."

The Good: While I didn't have many expectations when I picked up this comic, one thing I did expect was for the story to have that dark, noir-ish mood typically associated with Batman-related tales. Boy, was I wrong. Although Knight and Squire were introduced in the pages of Batman, Cornell has given this particular dynamic duo a light and slightly goofy world to play in. And, surprise, it works. Not only is the story more upbeat than a standard Batman story, it also reeks of magic and the supernatural — stuff I've seen in Cornell's past work, but not normally around the Gotham City crowd. Add, on top of that, an unexpected guest star and a whimsical guide to Brit-styled English phrases, and you've got a strange little gem of a book that sort of came out of left field.

The Bad: There are moments when the art, by Jimmy Broxton, really works. His stuff is clean and detailed; however, most of the book features rather clumsy, cartoonish and sometimes just ugly drawings. When Broxton draws new characters (and this issue features tons of them), he fares better. But his interpretation of classic DC heroes, for example, is pretty horrendous. And his action sequences are incredibly static and dull.

The Verdict: The story was surprisingly enjoyable, but the art just didn't work for me. That said, I plan to pick up the remaining issues of this six-part series.

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