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Comic Review: Ignition City No. 1



Ignition City No. 1

Published by Avatar. Written by Warren Ellis. Illustrated by Gianluca Pagliarani.

The Deal: Writer Warren Ellis delves back into the pulp world with his latest title from Avatar, Ignition City -- which endeavors to answer the question: "Where did the space heroes go to die?" In this series, Ellis plays around with iconic characters like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, among others.

The Good: The first issue of Ignition City seems to be all about setting up the characters and situations that will (most likely) later unfold in the series, and Ellis does a great job of introducing all of the comic's essential elements. He especially shines while breaking down the ins and outs of the complex lead hero, Mary. On top of that, the dialogue is funny, gross and poignant, and Gianluca Pagliarani's stylized art -- while not perfect -- works well with the book's science fiction story line.

The Bad: Not a lot happens in this issue, but then again, I did say it was all about setting things up. Also, the comic costs $3.99; I think that's a little too much to pay for this fairly standard package. If anything, I'd think Avatar would add some extra pages to justify the hefty price tag.

The Verdict: I say buy it.

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