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Comic review: Green Hornet No. 5



Green Hornet No. 5

Published by Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Kevin Smith. Pencils by Jonathan Lau.

The Deal: The revival of pulp heroes the Green Hornet and (his partner-in-arms) Kato continues in the latest issue of this ongoing monthly series.

The Good: This book is finally hitting its stride. The first few issues left me feeling like writer Kevin Smith was traveling down a mediocre road to a place most comic readers have seen before. But with this issue, we're -- at last -- treated to a nice twist that shifts the series in an interesting direction. Moreover, he sets the stage for years' worth of cool material (that is, if Dynamite plays its cards right). I recently saw the trailer for the new Green Hornet film, starring comedic actor Seth Rogen, and it's obvious the movie bites a lot from Smith's take on the character. (Smith wrote an early draft of the screenplay, which this comic series was derived from.) The film version, a corny-looking comedy, will probably suck -- and that may make this comic even more of a destination for Hornet fans, both new and old.

The Bad: I'd actually like to see a letters page in this comic ... or at least some Hornet-centric backmatter. The "Dynamite Dispatches" page at the end of the comic is quite dull. I say give readers a little more for their $3.99.

The Verdict: Now's a good time to buy this book.

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