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Comic review: CliNT No. 3



The Deal: This week, I'm taking a break from reviewing comic books to review a magazine about comic books and comic-related subjects. (Big stretch, eh?) Although, I've got to be honest: Along with the text-heavy articles you'd find in a normal magazine, it features comics, too. (Sue me.) CliNT is edited by superstar writer Mark Millar — the guy behind Kick-Ass, Wanted and Ultimate Avengers, among many other hit titles.

The Good: With Wizard sucking ass these days and the Comics Journal being its normal cranky, under-the-radar self, it's nice to see another mass-market comic book magazine on the stands. And if you're a fan of Millar, you'll love it. It's bubbling over with his sensibilities. So, yeah, expect to see lots of curse words, geeky subject matter and blood. On the article-side of things, this issue includes an interesting interview with Quentin Tarantino. Now, the Tarantino piece ain't exactly something you'd find in Vanity Fair; it's a fun, but enlightening, look at the director's past and future projects. On the comic side of things, there isn't much new stuff here. Everything, at least in this issue, is reprinted stuff — although it is fairly new material: Kick-Ass 2, Nemesis, Turf, etc. I dropped the Nemesis comic after the first issue, so it was cool to read later chapters in the story. I might actually go back and try to find those back issues now ... or maybe the trade paperback collection if it's available.

The Bad: If you hate Millar, you will surely hate this. As I said earlier, his scent is all over the damned thing. Also, the mag comes out of England, so it definitely has a British feel to it; as a result, it includes a few "lost in translation" bits and bites ... but not many. Some of the articles, for example, are about folks who maybe haven't hit it too big on this side of the pond yet. Still, that's not a big problem.

The Verdict: CLiNT is a fun magazine for comic book fans and other geeks. Millar haters (yes, you) should stay away, though.

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