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Comic review: Batman: The Dark Knight No. 1



The Deal: DC launches yet another Batman solo title; this one, however, is the creative vehicle for superstar artist David Finch, who provides both the story and art for the series. (Think: Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man in the 1990s.)

The Good: Whether you go for Finch's style of drawing or not, The Dark Knight is obviously a beautiful comic book. Finch's work here evokes some of the best qualities of guys like Jim Lee and Michael Turner; add to that the incredible inks of Scott Williams — which add tons of body, depth and mood — and you've got one hell of an illustrated package.

The Bad: In early press for this comic, Finch was quoted saying that Jim Lee's work on Batman's "Hush" story arc was a big influence on what he's doing here. I can see that influence — there are several story elements that mimic "Hush." Like that 12-issue story line, this tale focuses on an old childhood friend and puts altered versions of classic Bat villains like Killer Croc (among others) in the spotlight. But, really, if I wanted to read "Hush" again, I'd just pick up the trade paperback. From what I hear, the series will take a turn toward the supernatural in upcoming issues ... I look forward to that spin. So far, we're off to a fairly familiar start.

The Verdict: It's a pretty-ass book with a story that's not so unique. But I think I'll stick around to see how things develop.

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