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Comic review: Adventure Comics No. 6



I got sad after reading the latest issue of DC's Adventure Comics. Sad because the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul will soon leave the book -- along with the comic's star Superboy.

I've really been digging what these guys have been doing with an otherwise lame character. I mean, think about it: Here's a hero who never really possessed much in the way of personality or unique traits -- and then, just when Johns was making him interesting in the pages of Teen Titans, DC went and killed the guy.

Luckily, the Legion of 3 Worlds limited series came along and brought Conner Kent back from the dead. Since then, Johns has been doing a bang-up job of building an interesting world around Superboy (planting him firmly in Smallville, throwing in the superdog Krypto, reconnecting him with his old Titan pals and adding some relevant new supporting characters) and exploring the things that make him unique (like the emotional fallout that would come as a result of being the genetic "son" of Lex Luthor and Superman).

All that being the case, I'm not too happy about the idea of him losing his star status. Oh well, I'm willing to give the new Adventure -- which will star the Legion of Super-Heroes and be written by the legendary Paul Levitz -- a shot for a few issues. And I'll pray that Superboy lands in Teen Titans or something. In the meantime, I'll be sure to pick up the rest of his Adventure run ... and you should, too.

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